rent a car Burgas

rent a car Burgas

                                              Car Rental in Burgas

In case you are in Burgas for holiday or business and need a car to complete easier and more comfortable your everyday work you can choose your low cost car on our website and make reservation and car is delivered to your point. VivoRent offers the cheapest rental cars services on the market as well as the best rental conditions. We offer delivery to every single place in Burgas and the region. Diversity of perfectly maintenance cars at affordable prices.


Burgas (Bulgarian: Бургас, pronounced [burˈɡas]), sometimes transliterated as Bourgas, is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the region of Northern Thrace and the fourth-largest in Bulgaria after Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna, with a population of 202,694 inhabitants, while 277,922 live in its urban area. It is the capital of Burgas Province and an important industrial, transport, cultural and tourist centre.

The city is surrounded by the Burgas Lakes and located at the westernmost point of the Black Sea, at the large Burgas Bay. The LUKOIL Neftochim Burgas is the largest oil refinery in southeastern Europe and the largest industrial enterprise. The Port of Burgas is the largest port in Bulgaria, and Burgas Airport is the second most important in the country. Burgas is the centre of the Bulgarian fishing and fish processing industry


The earliest signs of life in the region date back 3000 years, to the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age. The favorable conditions on the fertile plain, around the sea, have brought people here from early antiquity. The biggest mark was left by the Thracians who made the region rich in archaeological finds (from around 4th c. BC). This includes their sanctuary at Beglik Tash along the south coast and a burial mound near Sunny Beach. They built the mineral baths of Aquae Calidae and the fortress Tyrsis.

Under Darius I became part of the Achaemenid Empire, before the Odrysian kingdom was established. Greeks from Apollonia built a marketplace to trade with the Thracians, in what is now the neighborhood of Pobeda.

During the rule of the Ancient Romans, near Burgas, Colonia Flavia Pacis Deultensium (Deultum, Dibaltum, or Develtum) was established as a military colony for veterans by Vespasian in AD 70. The Romans built this colonia on the main road Via Pontica. It was the second most important city in the province Haemimontus.

In 376 the Goths destroyed an elite Roman company near Develtum at the Battle of Dibaltum.

Main sights

  • Regional Historical Museum Burgas
  • Ethnographic Museum
  • Archaeological Museum - Burgas
  • Museum of Nature and Science
  • Historical museum Burgas
  • Roman City of Develtum
  • The Roman and medieval Baths of Aquae Calidae
  • The Poros Fortress
  • The Rusokastro Fortress
  • The Erkesiya-Border wall
  • City Gallery
  • Theatre Adriana Budevska
  • City Beach
  • Pantheon
  • The pier
  • Sea Casino
  • Navel of Burgas
  • The building of Regional Customs Burgas
  • Burgas Central railway station
Opera House

The modern building of the Burgas Opera House is home to the city's two major musical institutions; the Burgas State Opera and the Philharmonic Society of Burgas.

Sea Garden

A municipal park built in 1910 for the residents of Burgas by the city's chief gardener, Georgi Duhtev.

What kind of a car you can rent ?

We did take care of providing you the widest possible choice of types and brands of car rental at Burgas that meet the requirements of our individual customers. Our rich fleet has got the following:

  • Small urban cars
  • Larger family-friendly cars
  • Larger-sized cars such as buses and vans
  • Luxury, impressive rental cars of a higher class
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Trucks with different capacity.

Do share your needs and we will advise you and recommend the best rental car for you. We are here to help you get the right vehicle you need, compliant with the number of passengers, luggage, number of children and/or pets, as well as your health, if your state requires particular accommodation in the passenger compartment.

 We will be happy to welcome you as customers and send you as friends!

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