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Frequently asked questions

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In case of accident it is mandatory to call on the contact phone number listed in the rental agreement as well as 112 and inform the competent authorities (police) then you have to fill Protocol.
For damage on tires you could be charged additional. If you have "Full Protection" insurance you will not be charged. It is concluded for an additional charge on request and released him from liability in case of damage to tires, wheels, windshield and chassis.
To extend the rental you have to inform in advance and visit one of our offices to sign a new contract for the extension. In case of impossibility to extend the rental of the car you are driving, we can offer you an alternative car.
The price for the whole rental will be recalculated on standard price list for the used rental period + 3 days.
You should immediately tell us in case of keys or document loss. The fee for lost documents is: 200 € (including loss of panel cassette or CD). The fee for lost keys also is 200 €.


If you notice mismatch between the booking number displayed in your account and the the actual number of bookings made, please contact us.
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