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Advices in renting/returning of a rental car

When hiring a rental car, a representative of VivoRent will help you to look around the car for possible scratches or damages. All details will be noted in a takeover record. Check the odometer and if all the lights work smoothly. If you find some problem, please report it to our representative.
It is very important before you leave the parking lot to get to know the rented car very well. See on which side of the vehicle is the tank, from where the turn signals, windscreen wipers and headlights are switched on. Pay attention to things of minor importance at first sight, such as the color of the car you have rented, the registration number and the model - so you will not lose it the first time you park it in a lively place, a small street or a large car park. Take a very careful look at the map and define your route before leaving. Our representative will give you a map if you need one. Upon returning the rental car: Before you leave the car, be sure to look for damages made by yourself, look at the trunk as well. If, however, you have forgotten something, don\'t worry, we will contact you!
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Drive safely! Recommendations from VivoRent

While driving in Bulgaria, we recommend that you know some rules and regulations for safe driving with your rental car. You must always drive on the right side of the road. Pedestrians have priority on all pedestrian crossings. Drivers and all passengers must wear safety belts. Driving with daytime running lights is obligatory. It is forbidden to ride children under 12 years of age on the front seat. Speed ​​limits: In urban areas - 50 km/h Outside urban areas - 90 km/h Highways - 140 km/h These are just some of the rules you need to know. We recommend that you to become aware of all driving rules in Bulgaria for safer driving with your rental car. Security is the first!

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